Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles


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Our Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles Quick Reference Guide explains many of the definitions, postulates, and theorems that are found in a typical high school Geometry textbook and are associated with points, lines, planes, and angles. The topics discussed include:
  • The meanings of the terms point, line, and plane
  • Naming points, lines, planes, rays, and line segments
  • Collinear and coplanar points
  • The definitions of the terms midpoint, segment bisector, and congruent segments
  • The Segment Addition Postulate and the Midpoint Theorem
  • Naming angles
  • The definitions of the terms acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle, straight angle, congruent angles, angle bisector, perpendicular lines, vertical angles, and linear pair
  • The Linear Pair Postulate
  • The Vertical Angles Theorem

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